Friday, January 20, 2023

Officers of Base Hospital 50

Officers of Base Hospital No. 50

Mesves, Nievre, France, 19 January 1919.

The United States National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has been digitizing photos in its collections taken by the U.S. Army Signal Corps during World War I and adding records to its Archival Research Catalog (ARC). 

This photograph of the officers of Base Hospital 50 was taken the day after Major James Eagleson received orders the unit was to disband. A memorial service was held to honor the five members who died while the unit served in France: Charles Fletcher, Dr. William Kanter, Edward Nesser, Samuel Parker, and William White. Chaplains Hansen Bergen and Fr. William Carroll C. SS. R., addressed the unit in the Recreation Hall, along with Major Eagleson. The following day, January 20, 1919, Base Hospital 50 ceased operations and all of its remaining patients were turned over to Base Hospital 54. 

Front row. Left to right:
Major J. A. Hawkins; Lt. K. Vaughn; Lt. J. R. Carothers; Lt. H. F. Garmain; Lt. H. C. Randolph; Capt. E. O. Jones; Lt. H. B. Thompson; Capt. Copeland Plummer; Capt. A. J. Helton; Major H. E. Allen; Lt. L. Savitsky; Lt. J. Denno; Lt. H. J. Knott; Major F. A. Black; Lt. A. K. Stebbing; Lt. A. F. Mattice. 

Rear row. 
Capt. F. T. Wilt; Capt. Robert Hamilton; Lt. E. L. Wilkins; Chaplain W. M. Carroll; Lt. G. A. Braun; Major J. B. Eagleson; Major E. P. Fick; Capt. T. F. Shinnick; Lt. W. W. Schmidt; Lt. G. L. Curran; Lt. H. T. Buckner; Capt. W. E. Lowrie; Lt. J. J. Szmanski; Lt. J. A. Lybecker; Major N. A. Cary.

Photo credit:  Officers of Base Hospital No. 50.. Photograph 86698995, local identifier 111-SC-46411.  ( : accessed 20 January 2023.)